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1.c. Case 3: 2 dancers
Starting formation: Facing Dancers
Command examples:
Single Circle Full Around
Single Circle Left Halfway
Single Circle Left 1/2; Pass Thru
Head Ladies Single Circle full around and back out at home
Those facing join both hands, Single Circle Left three-quarters
To the Right, Single Circle 3/4
Heads Square Thru 4; with your Corner Dosado; then Single Circle half, and Star Thru
Heads Lead Left; Single Circle Right 3/4; Step to a Left-Hand Ocean Wave

Dance action: The facing dancers join both hands and move around the center point between them in the indicated direction, or to the left if no direction was given. The amount to move is specified as a fraction of a full circle (there is no default).

Ending formation: Facing Dancers

Timing: 1/4: 2, 1/2: 4, 3/4: 5, Full: 7

Styling: Dancers join right hand to left hand and left hand to right hand. In the case of a man facing a woman, they join hands with the man holding both palms up and the women holding both palms down. In all other cases, both dancers hold right hand palm up and left hand palm down. Some regions always use the latter styling. At the end of the call, dancers drop hands or adjust the handhold depending on the next call.

Comments: “Single Circle” is a historical name for this action and is consistent with other calls where a larger action is reduced to just two dancers. A wider variety of Command Examples are often used when calling to English-speaking dancers (for example, “Circle up 2, go halfway round”)

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